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Trumpeter -1/72 China f -20 (J-20) heavy stealth fighter (prototype No. 2011) (01665) - Introduction and open type

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F -20 (J-20), nicknamed "the dragon", NATO codename "fire tooth" (FIRE FANG). Chengdu aircraft industry group is China people's Liberation Army developed the latest generation (Europe and the old standard for the fourth generation, the new standard and Russian standards for the fifth generation) double heavy stealth fighter, the J-10 fighters, used to replace the 11 and three generation air superiority / multipurpose fighter to fighter heavy type, the the machine will be responsible for future military air and Sea sovereignty maintenance tasks. F -20 will be in 2017~2019 year is expected to put into use after 2020, gradually formed a fighting force. The first prototype first flew in January 11, 2011 in Chengdu.
The -20 uses a single seat, twin engine, all moving tail, DSI double drum kit inlet, duck type pneumatic canard with pointed arch edge dynamic layout. Head, body shaped, vertical tail outward tilt, landing gear doors for serrated edge design, to highlight the silver coating body (prototype deep ink). The side pod with innovative structure, can be closed to the outside of the missile rack in advance, and equipped with the most advanced China type of air-to-air missile.
In March 1, 2014, the -20 2011 prototype flew successfully.
In November 1, 2016, a split f -20 Camo in Zhuhai airshow and the first foreign flying show, had about 10 minutes of flight.
Technical data performance data
Crew: 1 people
Captain: 20.3 meters
With a wingspan of 12.88 meters.
Machine height: 4.45 meters
Empty weight: 17000 kg
Engine: 15 turbofan engine
Maximum takeoff weight: 37000 kg
Maximum flight speed: 3062.7 km / h
Maximum range: 6000 km

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